This Saturday, July 19th from 6-9 PM, The Public Trust presents, SUMMER SHOW, our annual summer inventory extravaganza featuring small originals, prints, t-shirts and other awesome stuff. This rotating exhibition will take place in the gallery’s Small Room (AKA Liliana Bloch Gallery) and will be cash and carry (yes you can use credit cards). Look forward to seeing everyone there! 

Jackson and His Computerband - G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up) Official Music Video NSFW ‘G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)’ is the title track of the upcoming remix EP from Jackson and His Computerband available to pre-order from Bleep at Watch the censored version here - Jackson describes the video, created by Myzyk & Moriceau of Division & Mathematic (, as “castration dynamite and phallic entertainment for everyone”. For more information on the release and to hear the remix of ‘Vista’ by Hudson Mohawke, head to ‘G.I. Jane’ and ‘Vista’ originally appear on Jackson’s second album ‘Glow’, available now from, iTunes - Bleep - Amazon - Google Play -

the word friend is used more loosely now days.


Completely random Friday greatness: Electronic music pioneer and composer Wendy Carlos revisits bits of never-before-heard music from the scores for Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and A Clockwork Orange. [via Resident Advisor]